1. Porterhouse (350g)

    $ 36.8

    Grain-fed porterhouse steak grilled to your liking, served with Argentinian style potatoes and chimmichurri sauce

  2. Nutella surprise(for 2)

    $ 18.8

    Nutella wrapped in pizza pastry,topped with strawberries and a mix of strawberry and chocolate sauce

  3. Fantini Sangiovese

    $ $40 B


  4. Rockford Alicante Bouchet

    $ 12 G / $46 B

    Barossa Valley

  5. Totino Estate Pinot Grigio

    $ 9.5 G / $38 B

    Adelaide Hills

  6. Fire Supreme

    $ 25

    Chorizo, leg ham, prawns, onion, roasted mushrooms, roasted capsicum and olives

  7. Rocket Salad

    $ 16.8

    Fresh rocket leaves,pear,roasted walnuts and shaved Parmesan drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and house-made salad sauce

  8. Parrillada de carne(mixed grill for two)

    $ 86

    Marinated pork ribs,spicy chorizo sausage, chicken strips dry rubbed with mixed natural spices, marinated steak skewers, and pork belly, all grilled and served on our … View Recipe

  9. Fire Chicken

    $ 29.8

    Chargrilled chicken breast topped with ham, asparagus and provolone cheese tossed in a white wine, cream and thyme sauce

  10. Empanaditas(2)

    $ 12

    Traditional Argentinian pastries filled with minced beef, green olives and boiled eggs

  11. Chorizo(2)

    $ 15

    Grilled traditional Argentinian spicy sausage, garnished with chickpea, semi-dried tomato,  Spanish onion and rocket leaves